Seeking Volunteers - Psychology Month


Seeking Volunteers - Psychology Month

We have been hosting Psychology Month for about 11 years now. We started by reaching out to community centers and libraries to ask if they would like to host a psychology talk in February for Psychology Month. We have now become a part of many communities’ regular February programming and they have come to expect at least one or two talks every year. 

We have done such a great job – thanks to all the Psychologists that have volunteered to give community talks – that we are now getting regular calls not just for February but throughout the year asking us to provide talks on specific topics. 

In addition to English language talks we have also begun offering talks in other languages – so far Mandarin, Punjabi, Italian, Cantonese, and Arabic. 

This past Psychology Month, the talk by Rosa Wu on "How to Become a Mental Health Ambassador" for the Chinese community in Mandarin has been the most attended talk so far to a non-English community. Over the years, Drs. Kamaljit Sidhu, Amritpal Shergill, Bali Sohi, and Manbeena Sekhon have also given talks on for the Punjabi community that have been growing in popularity. So much so, that the Surrey Public Library called us with a long list of topics that they would like to offer talks on in Punjabi over the next year

This year we are hoping to extend our reach beyond the Lower Mainland, which depends completely on our volunteer Psychologists who are interested in giving talks to cities/communities on Vancouver Island, in the Interior, or in Northern BC. If you are able and to and interested in offering a talk in these areas, Dr. Patrick Myers will be happy to offer some assistance in creating a presentation. Furthermore, in appreciation of your time, you will receive a 20% discount to your next BCPA workshop in the year.  

To volunteer, please contact the BCPA at 604-730-0501 or email us at





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