Community Engagement Committee


The Community Engagement Committee, or CEC, is headed by Dr. Patrick Myers. Members of the Community Engagement Committee are responsible for planning public events and information campaigns, as well as writing on the blog of the Association with the assistance of Association staff.

The Committee’s long-term goal is to build a history of public events centred on psychology, as well as efficient and effective community engagement campaigns.

The CEC was established in 2008 to promote public awareness of the value of Registered Psychologists and of psychology in British Columbia. Since its relatively recent inception, CEC members have been hard at work spreading our message. This includes three main points.

First, mental healthcare in BC has been neglected for too long: it has not been given the attention it deserves and, because of that, people continue to face a number of barriers to accessing timely care from Registered Psychologists.

Second, Registered Psychologists are here to help: we are highly trained in proven and effective therapeutic interventions and assessment strategies, and our skills should be integrated in the mental healthcare system.

Last but not least, psychology is for everyone: mental health is a critically important part of every person’s life, and everyone has the right to a society that promotes mental wellness. Psychological services deal with a wide range of issues and have the ability to enhance the quality of life for everyone. These are the messages we will spread through press releases, public events and campaigns over the next few years.

In order to increase public awareness of our profession, the CEC participates in trade shows and educational events, including the Wellness Show (Vancouver), the Total Health Show (Victoria) and the Diversity Health Fair (Vancouver). As the public is increasingly turning to the Internet for information, the Committee is also focused on enhancing the online presence of psychology in BC by adding to the range of online content that the public can access through the BCPA blog.

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