Strategic Plan & Annual Reports

calendar 2023

Annual Report 2023

This has been a transformative year, marked by change,  collaborations and achievements. Key highlights encompassed successful advocacy initiatives on multiple fronts, compelling talks organized by the Continuing Education Committee, a highly successful Psychology Month 2023, and the seamless transition of the journal to a digital format.

calendar 2023

Strategic Plan 2021-2023

Our 2021-2023 strategic plan is a short-term roadmap, outlining how we can foster meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships with the community, inform the government about the roles and benefits provided by psychologists within the healthcare system, cultivate culturally
competent and socially aware psychologists, and enhance Board diversity and competency. 

To develop this plan, we formed an ad hoc working group who met for three facilitated, half-day sessions. The working group consisted of the Board of Directors, the staff, and representatives from each BCPA committee. We reviewed our mission, values, strengths, and growth opportunities. This strategic plan sets clear goals that reflect our vision for the future of psychology in BC. 

Annual Report 2022

We closed fiscal 2021-2022 with a record-breaking revenue. Significant changes were made to our continuing education offerings:

  1. We launched an asynchronous learning platform to increase access to CE workshops.

  2. We held our first annual convention in over two decades.

We invested in advocacy, furthering our connections with the government with in-person meetings at the BC Legislature.

Annual Report 2021

Moving beyond the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we closed fiscal 2020-2021 with a substantial surplus. We formed connections with MLAs and actively lobbied the BC Government for increased financial barrier free access to psychological services and launched a public support campaign on, which received over 6000 signatures.