Dear Members,

BCPA is pleased to advise that we now have a Forum Oversight Committee. The volunteers on this committee will be providing random audits of forum content and following up with any complaints received or voiced concerns. The mandate of this committee is to ensure that forum content is consistent with the forum guidelines.
As such, we would like to remind everyone of the following.

1. Before posting to the forum, please read and be familiar with the BCPA Forum Guidelines (this can be found by clicking the highlighted link). It is a relatively short document and should outline some key features of the forum.

       a) Member posts that do not conform to forum guidelines will be flagged and the posting member will be contacted backchannel by a moderator. 

2. If you would like to not receive emails from the forum, but would like to check it on your own time, you can change those settings.

       a) Go to https://groups.google.com/u/3/g/bcpa_forum
       b) Click “My Membership Settings” at the bottom of the left-hand column
       c) Click “Each Email” and select a different setting (likely “no email”, as we do not send out a digest).

In the spring, the BCPA will host the forum on the new BCPA website. At that time, we will be able to better moderate the forum and you will be better able to filter what content you see.

BCPA appreciates the contributions that members make on the forum and will continue to support respectful and rigorous debate within the parameters established by the guidelines.